Arcturus Warrior Ghillie Suit | Hunting Clothes for Men | 5-Piece Camouflage Suits for Hunting, Military, Airsoft Snipers (Woodland, M/L)



Brand: Arcturus

Color: Woodland


  • DENSE COVERAGE: More ghillie thread means more coverage. With over 4 pounds of thread, the Warrior ghillie suit suit will camouflage you from head to toe in nearly any environment. Add local vegetation to perfectly match your surroundings.
  • 5-PIECE COVERAGE SYSTEM: The Arcturus Warrior ghillie suit comes with a ghillie jacket and pants, ghillie boonie cap, ghillie rifle wrap, and a camouflage carry bag. Everything you need to quickly and effectively suit up for your mission.
  • 2 SIZES: Available in M/L (6’0″ and under) and XL/XXL (6’1″ and over). Not sure what size you need? Check out our size chart. If you’re in between sizes, order a size up to ensure full coverage and the ability to layer under your ghillie suit in cold climates.
  • WOODLAND COLOR SCHEME: The Woodland Warrior Ghillie Suit for Men is made from a 5-color combination of synthetic thread designed for most woodland and forest environments. Adding local vegetation increases your stealth.
  • PROVEN MATERIALS: The Warrior is the younger brother of our top-rated Arcturus Ghost Ghillie Suit. We’ve utilized many of the high-end materials from the Ghost Ghillie Suit like our breathable, mesh base suit, flexible drawstring waistband and button front jacket.

Package Dimensions: 160x384x2109

Details: The Arcturus Warrior gillie suit for men by Arcturus Camo is made with 4 pounds of thread which won’t snag your airsoft sniper rifle This suit is versatile and can be used for an airsoft sniper or as camo hunting clothes for men. Whether you need airsoft gear, paintball gear, duck hunting gear, elk hunting gear or hunting stuff in general, you’ll notice a difference with our Warrior Ghillie Suit. The ghillie suit’s synthetic material is fire retardant, mildew and moisture resistant. This ghillie suit is 5 pieces and comes with a button down front jacket, pants with draw cords, a boonie hat which covers the entire face, and a matching ghillie rifle cover. The entire ghillie suit comes in a stretchable carrying bag. The Arcturus Warrior gille suit for men comes in 3 sizes: guilly suit adult, ghillie suit kids and ghillie suit youth.

UPC: 045635189218